Technical Services

We can help with Specifications, Sampling, Solution Development & Testing, Budget Costing, Project Specific Tendering, Regulatory Guidance, Project Specific Assessments and Pre-Manufacture Approvals.

If it’s not listed, just ask, we are here to help.

Our Specialists can assist in navigating varying regulatory requirements across the UK and within different sectors to build a robust specification and carry that intent right through to construction.

We can work with design professionals to incorporate performance and aesthetic requirements building robust specifications to carry that intent through to construction.

Fire & Smoke Control

Resistance to the passage of fire and smoke in a building is the most fundemental element of performance a doorset provides. Our range of third party certified doorsets cover fire and smoke ratings from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes all in accordance with B.S 476 Part 22: 1987

Enhanced Security Doorsets

Secure apartment entrance doorsets are available which have been tested to meet the strict standard of the PAS 24 enhanced security scheme. Fire ratings of up to 60 minutes are available with combination acoustics of Rw42dB.

Integrated Ironmongery

We have developed the CESpec range of architectural ironmongery to offer fully coordinated doorset and hardware packages taking the hastle out of projects. As a full member of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers our team are put through the guild's education and training programme to ensure all techincal and legislative requirements are met.

Acoustic Control

We offer acoustically rated doorsets up to Rw48dB and specialist glazed screens up to Rw71dB. Combination fire, radiation, hygrothermal and enhanced security are available for the full range of acoustics in single and double configurations.

X-Ray Resistance

Specialist doorsets and screens to protect against x-ray radiation are available with combination fire and acoustic ratings. Glazing can be supplied to cover up to the equivalent of code 6 lead protection.

Integrated Finger Protection

DigiZone fully integrated finger protection is available in either aluminium or timber finish. Integrated finger guards offer a solution that is vastly superior to retrofitted products that crack, tear or shatter over prolonged use.

Durability & Hygrothermal Resistance

One of the most misunderstood elements of the doorset industry, we have extensively tested our doorsets well beyond the requirements of the UK market. We offer severe duty as standard classified under BS EN 1192, up to class 8 (1 million cycles) under BS EN 12400 and class 3 resistance to hygrothermal bow under RAL-GZ 426.

Door Core Types

The norm for doorset manufacturers is to try and offer a GDC core to cover all applications on a project, this does not work.
DuraDor: High density multi layer chipboard core. CEDor: Timber stile and rail construction with HDF faces around flaxboard core. SecuraDor: Solid laminated timber core with bonded MDF faces.

Glazed Screens

Our glazed screens can be provided with fire resistance up to 60/60 integrity & insulation, acoustics of up Rw71dB, provide x-ray protection, offer protection against drops (barrier loading) and can be manufactured in a wide range of materials.All screens come with glass and glazing gasketry for ease of installtion on-site

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